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March 13, 2023 meeting – View the video recording online on Youtube

May 8, 2023 meeting – View the video recording online on Youtube

July 10, 2023 meeting – View the video recording online on Youtube

August 14, 2023 meeting – View the video recording online on Youtube

September 11, 2023 meeting – View the video recording online on Youtube

October 9, 2023 meeting – View the video recording online on Youtube


AUGUST 8, 2022 MEETING – View the video recording online on Youtube

SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 MEETING – View the video recording online on Youtube

OCTOBER 10, 2022 MEETING – See online at Youtube

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TOPIC: Overview of Senior Housing Options [You Tube]

SQ October 11, 2021

Speaker: Janet Pinson, ACNP FNP Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine | 44:12 minute video

TOPIC: Overview of Senior Housing Options [You Tube]

SQ August 9, 2021

Speaker: Peter Robinson Chief Marketing Officer, Lifespire | 36 minute video

TOPIC: How to Handle Stress [You Tube]

SQ July 12, 2021

Speaker: Tracy Hess | 25 minute video

[Part 2 of How to Handle Stress – Youtube]

TOPIC: Staying Mentally Healthy and Alert [You Tube]

SQ April 12, 2021

Speaker: Jennifer Collins | 1:35 minute video

TOPIC: Stuck at home exercises [You Tube]

SQ March 8, 2021

Speaker: Christinia Hunt | 41 minute video

TOPIC: How to cope with stress and depression [You Tube]

SQ February 8, 2021

Speaker: Joan Hawkins | 41 minute video


TOPIC: NUTRITION FOR THE LUNG DISEASE SUFFERER- click to view video online [You Tube]

SQ November 9, 2020

Speaker: Colleen LaMere, Registered Dietitian|| 1 Hour 3 minute video

TOPIC: WILLS, ESTATE PLANNING AND POWER OF ATTORNEY - click to view video online [You Tube]

SQ October 12, 2020

Speaker: W. Joseph Owen | 1 Hour 16 minute video

TOPIC: UNDERSTANDING MEDICARE - click to view video online

SQ September 14, 2020

Speaker: Mike Mason | 49 minute video

TOPIC: COVID-19 - click to view video online

SQ August 10, 2020

Speaker: Dr. Wes Shepherd | 1:12 hour video

Money Management in stressful times

SQ April 2020

Speaker: William R. (Bill) Ridgeway, CFP®


De-Clutter, Downsize and Dispose of the Stuff

SQ October 2019

Susan Campbell discussed strategies to reduce household possessions and ways to determine which are more precious to keep versus selling or gifting. Also included in the presentation was how to prepare for moving into a smaller home or a monitored living facility. Also included in the question and answer period was arrangements for funeral insurance and preparation of wills and directives.

Laughter Yoga with Slash Coleman

SQ July 2019

Mr. Coleman discusses the history, concepts and goals of "Laughter Yoga" and what the benefits are. His demonstrations during the course of the Breathmatters meeting include his running commentary about specific laughter styles and the physical movements that are part of the overall practice of Laughter Yoga.

Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) Research

SQ May 2019 Meeting Video

Theresa Altherr provided an overview of clinical research, why it is important and what it can provide to participants. With research conducted through the testing and the standard four phases of study, improved treatments are developed which can save lives and improve conditions for lung disease sufferers.

She discussed what kind of person is best suited to become involved in clinical research, and how the doctors of the research team will first confirm the patient original diagnoses before placing them within the study.

Also described is the burgeoning importance of genetic research which helps to identify the best candidates for the receiving of experimental drugs.

Being Your Own Best Advocate: The Value of My Yearly Physical

SQ April 2019 Meeting Video

Dr. Fabry spoke on the value of regular checkups, and what they can (and cannot) provide. In particular he spoke of the high value of insight that LIPID measurements make possible, and he took time to explain the process by which cholesterol is administered in the body with LDL and HDL cholesterol types.

The primary thrust of Dr. Fabry's presentation highlighted that a patient is best benefited from advocating on their own behalf, and playing an important part in the management of their own health care. To illustrate this view, Dr. Fabry used anecdotal stories and entertained a number of questions from the Breathmatters audience.

Breathing Tips from Breathe-Live-Fit

SQ March 2019 Meeting Video

Speaker Christina Hunt spoke on her experience in rehabilitation for lung disease sufferers and provided helpful tips on meeting certain challenges, for example:
1. How personal bathing can be problematic for people with lung issues, and how that can be overcome.
2. When and how you should have your "rescue inhaler" at hand.
3. How to strategize to meet environmental issues.
4. Utilizing oxygen in a shower setting.
And More


Respiratory Therapy

SQ November 2018 Meeting Video

Megan R. Clayton BSRT, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, spoke on how changes occur in the body from a lack of proper breathing and that this affects posture, muscles and even creates skeletal changes if not corrected. Respiratory therapy addresses these issues and emphasizes the importance of exercise for improvement or maintenance of breathing capacity.

New Therapies for 2018 - Apnea, Asthma, Nebulizers

SQ June 2018 Meeting Video

Chris McKenney, PA-C of Richmond Pulmonary Associates spoke at the June 2018 meeting of Breathmatters. Mr. McKenney spoke about the new Nebulizers, asthma, and in particular issues related to Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Releasing the Emotional Energy of Fear

SQ May 2018 Meeting Video

Speaker: Lisa Hazelgrove Recorded at the May 2018 meeting of BREATHMATTERS at the Johnston-Willis Hospital in the Richmond Virginia area.

All About Inhalers with Janet Pinson

SQ April 2018 Meeting Video

Discussed were various makes and properties of inhalers.

More Info

Chronic Disease Sadness

SQ Feb 2018 Meeting Video

Francesca Casey Teixeira spoke on the subject of bereavement, grief and depression. In particular she discussed how symptoms of a major illness, such as lung disease, can be quite similar to indicators of depression. The role of depression in inhibiting recovery from illness was also discussed, and a general topic of finding good resources and assistance was brought up throughout the presentation. Francesca "Casey" Teixeira, MSW is a Bereavement Coordinator with Kindred Hospice.


COPD and Mindfulness - October 2017 Meeting

SQ October 2017 Meeting Video

Sarah Hopkins, M.S. OTR/L
The October 2017 meeting of Breath Matters was on the subject of "Mindfulness." In this meditative technique, discussed were the benefits in neuroplasticity for healthy brain function and specifically benefits for those suffering from COPD.

Founder's Day - August 2017 Meeting

SQ August 2017 Meeting Video

Speaker: April WIlliams, Nutritionist
Speakers also included Joan Shifflet, Cathy Bray, Don Bane, and Jason Glover. A short film by Bernadette Sneed was shown about Breathmatters and specifically Russell Glover.

Palliative Care - Part 1 - Dr Marc Flickinger

SQ June 2017 Meeting Video

Speaker: Dr Marc Flickinger

COPD Diagnosis and Management Part 1

SQ February 2017 Meeting Video

Speakers: Elizabeth Hensley and Caroline Feinman of Pulmonary Associates

Russell Glover - Breathmatters Facilitator and Co-Founder

SQ Brief Video

More Russell Glover


Mary Hodges - RN - Stay informed about IPF

SQ October 2016 Meeting Video

Speaker: Mary Hodges, RN, BSN, MSN

Darrel Bowe - Trilogy - Treatment of COPD Patients

SQ April 2016 Meeting Video

Speaker: Dan Bayliss RN, MS, CES from acac

Dan Bayliss - The Importantce of Exercise

SQ February 2016 Meeting Video

Speaker: Dan Bayliss RN, MS, CES from acac


Dr Will Voelzke - Lung Cancer Part 1

SQ February 2015 Meeting Video

Speaker: Dr Will Voelzke

Dr. Will J. Voelzke discusses how Lung Cancer is a serious ailment in the United States, with an estimated death rate at over 150,000 persons per year, with approximately just over 200,000 new cases per year.

Dr. Voelzke talks about the two main types of lung cancer, "small cell" and "non-small cell."

Also discussed are current research developments, such as genome-sequencing, which is having a major impact on treatment methods. Maintenance chemotherapy is discussed, with a brief historical overview and the current changes in methods.

"The Lazarus" like recoveries that happen in immune therapy is mentioned, particularly in regards to Melanoma and renal cell cancer.

Also discussed are mutations over the course of a cancer cycle and what that means during treatment.

Video recorded live at the February 9, 2015 meeting of Breath Matters Lung Disease Support Group in Richmond Virginia.

An Overview of Clinical Trials

SQ Jan 2015 Meeting Video

Speaker: Annette Bennett

Annette Bennett, the C.E.O. and Research Director at Clinical Research Partners presents an overview of how clinical trials are conducted, who can participate, the advantages and disadvantages of getting involved. Annette Benning also discusses the value of clinical trials to lung disease suffers, and the variety of drugs and treatment methods that are developed, and being developed, for the benefit of those suffering from chronic lung disease.

Much of the presentation contains questions and answers from the audience, and personal anecdote and experience informs the conversation concerning clinical trials and the medicines discussed.

Recorded live at the January 12, 2015 meeting of Breathmatters, at Chippenham Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.


You Tube - Annual Holiday Luncheon - Bring A Covered Dish

SQ Dec 2014 Meeting Video

Speaker: Mike McMeniman

Mike McMeniman, from Aging in Grace in Place, spoke to the Breath Matters Dec 2014 Holiday meeting about the sentiments of the season and the ongoing importance of these human qualities all the year long, how they impact our lives for better health (mental and physical) and provide comfort for those for whom are struggling with difficulties. Recorded live at the Dec 8, 2014 Holiday meeting of Breathmatters, at Chippenham Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

You Tube - What UNOS is doing to Find the Perfect Organ Transplant

SQ Nov 2014 Meeting Video

Speaker: Lisa Schafner, UNOS

Lisa Schaffner speaks at the Nov 2014 Breath Mattes meeting at Chippenham Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia. She speaks on the topic of UNOS and its efforts to match life-saving organs between deceased donors and those on the national organ donation waiting list maintained by UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing). UNOS works with important organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, liver and intestines. In particular, Lisa Schaffner speaks on lung transplants, how lungs are donated, how they are matched to people in need, and the pitfalls and difficulties of providing successful organ transplantation. Recorded live at the November 2014 meeting of Breath Matters in Richmond Virginia at the Chippenham Medical Center, Kraus Auditorium.

You Tube - Your Thyroid and COPD

SQ Oct 2014 Meeting Video

Speaker: Dr. Lori Sweeney, MCV Hospital

Presentation by Dr. Lori Sweeney on Thyroid and COPD covers issues related to the thyroid and the effects on blood pressure. Also discussed are how gender effects lung disease, the effects of estrogen on lung ailments, and related problems with diabetes, obesity, blood vessel remodeling and vitamin D deficiency. Recorded live at the October 2014 meeeting of Breath Matters in Richmond Virginia at the Chippeneham Medical Center, Bosher Audirorium.

You Tube - The New COPD Drugs and Inhalers

SQ Sept 2014 Meeting Video

Speaker: Janet Pinson, NP (Nurse Pract.) & Attendee

Video taped at the Sept 2014 Breathmatters suport group meeting for lung disease sufferers at the Bosher Auditorium in Chippenham Medical Center, Richmond Virginia. Discussed are new inhalers, such as:

  1. Combinent Respimat
  2. Tudorza Pressair
  3. Breo Ellipta
  4. Anora Ellipta
  5. Arcapta Neohaler
  6. Striverdi Respimat
  7. Spiriva Respimat

Also discussed are the keys to Pulmonary Rehab Success, and the importance of exercise, in particular arm exercise.

You Tube - Seeing through the Fog of Senior Resources

SQ July 2014 Meeting Video

Speaker: Debbie Leidheiser, Senior Advocate, Chesterfield County Virginia

Debbie Leidheiser, Senior Advocate Chesterfield County Virginia, presents an overview of the abundance of Senior Resources in the Richmond Virginia area, including area counties. Video taped event at the Monthly Breathmatters Meeting July 14, 2014

You Tube - COPD Cause & Effects and What it Affects

SQ June 2014 Meeting Video

Speaker: Dr. Leonard Moses, Pulmonologist

You Tube - Spring Clean Your Estate Plan: Estate Planning Essentials

SQ May 2014 Meeting Video

Speaker: Attorney Joley Eason

You Tube - What’s Going On With Your Oxygen Supplier?

SQ April 2014 Meeting Video

Speaker: Rachelle Korpal, Respiratory Specialist

You Tube - How Lung Disease Affects your Heart

SQ March 2014 Meeting Video

Speaker: Dr. Cliff Morris of Morris Cardiovascular

You Tube - Pulmonary Fibrosis Advocacy and Research

SQ February 2014 Meeting Video

Speakers: IPF Foundation President Patti Tuomey and Dolly Kervitsky

You Tube - Laughter as Exercise?

SQ January 2014 Meeting Video

Speaker: Heather Umberger, M.S.,C.M.T. Massage Specialist, MELT® Instructor, Laughter Yoga Leader


You Tube - Don’t let an ICEBERG Sink Your Life

SQ December 2013 Meeting Video

Speaker: Mike McMeniman from Aging in Place with Grace

You Tube - What Makes a Good Health Story?

SQ November 2013 Meeting Video

Speakers: Tammie L. Smith Health Reporter at Richmond Times Dispatch Tammi

You Tube - Pulmonary Rehab

SQ October 2013 Meeting Video

Speakers: Kris Beshada & Christina Hunt, RRT’s, HCA

You Tube - Pulmonary Fibrosis

SQ September 2013 Meeting Video

Dr. Dan Grinnan talks about Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, what this ailment is and the challenges in treating it. This presentation features Dr. Grinnan discussing causes, the difficulties in diagnosis, and the varieties of treatment. A question and answer period is included at the end of the talk.

Video recorded September 9, 2013, at Kraus Auditorium at the Chippenham Medical Center, Richmond, VA 23225

You Tube - Hospice - - its not what you think

SQ June 2013 Meeting Video

Lucy Kessee and Ann Marie Robert from Horizon Hospice discuss the stereotypes that have developed around hospice care and the reality of what is available through Hospice. Question and answers with audience members are featured throughout the presentation.

Video recorded June 10, 2013, at Kraus Auditorium at the Chippenham Medical Center, Richmond, VA 23225

You Tube - Advanced Respiratory Care - Tom Adkins

SQ July 2013 Meeting Video

Tom Adkins of Kindred Healthcare in Richmond Virginia presents his topic of Advance Respiratory Hospital Care.

Video recorded July 8, 2013, at Kraus Auditorium at the Chippenham Medical Center, Richmond, VA 23225

You Tube - How to choose a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

SQ January 2013 Meeting Video

How to Choose A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Roger Householder of LOUISA HOME CARE explains how to make a good choice of an Oxygen Concentrator. Tips for what to watch out for; and how to decide upon a provider.

Video recorded January 14, 2013, at Kraus Auditorium at the Chippenham Medical Center, Richmond, VA 23225

You Tube - Pulmonary Function Testing

SQ February 2013 Meeting Video

With Becky Alberti RN, CPFT, RPFT VCU/MCV Hospital

"Pulmonary Function Testing The What's & Why's of Spirometry"

Live video from the February 11, 2013 meeting of Breath Matters at Bosher Auditorium Chippenham Medical Center Richmond, Virginia

You Tube - This Years Flu Season

SQ October 2013 Meeting Video

With Jim Farrell, Virginia Department of Health

"This Years Flu Season"

Live video from the October 8, 2012 meeting of Breath Matters at Kraus Auditorium Chippenham Medical Center Richmond, Virginia


You Tube - Emphysema, Tobacco and COPD with Dr. Glenn Giessel

SQ July 2012 Meeting Video

"Emphysema, Tobacco, and COPD"

Dr. Glenn Giessel,
Pulmonologist, Pulmonary Associates

PULMONARY FIBROSIS is a relentlessly progressive, ultimately fatal disease that affects the lungs, gradually robbing an individual of their ability to breathe.

You Tube - IPF legislation with Paul Fogelberg

SQ June 2012 Meeting Video

Paul Fogelberg, Pulmonary Fibrosis Patient-Advocate


You Tube - Lung Transplant Evaluation - Heidi Flanagan

SQ May 2012 Meeting Video

Lung Transplant Evaluation

Speaker: Heidi Flanagan, RN, BSN, LUNG Transplant Coordinator U of VA Hospital, Charlottesville, VA

You Tube - Asthma and COPD - Dr Kevin Cooper

SQ April 2012 Meeting Video

"Distinguishing Between ASTHMA and COPD"

Speaker: Dr. Kevin Cooper, Pulmonologist, VCU/MCV Hospital, Richmond, VA

You Tube - IPF - Dr. Paul Fairman, Between a Rock and a Hard Place

SQ January 2012 Meeting Video

"IPF - Between a Rock and a Hard Place"


You Tube - Acid Reflux and its Relationship to Lung Disease

SQ November 2011 Meeting Video

Speaker: Dr. Daniel E. Bechard, Pulmonologist, Veterans Affairs Hospital, Richmond, VA

" ACID REFLUX and its Relationship to LUNG DISEASE"



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