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A Dedication to Resourceful Living: A group approach to focus on what matters to the members of our community whose lives are impacted by chronic lung disease.

Breath Matters Virginia Lung Support Group

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Archive Page Memorials 2011

Hazel Caldwell

IN MEMORY OF Hazel Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. John Jurgens VA 10/12/11
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Farrell VA 10/12/11
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sharpe VA 10/12/11
Mr. and Mrs. William (Billy) Rose VA 10/13/11
Mrs. Edyth S. Wallin (THE GIRLS) VA 10/14/11
Ms. Irene Hurst VA 10/14/11
Mr. and Mrs. Walter & Jacqueline Brooks VA 10/14/11
Mr. and Mrs. Ike & Brenda Carmichael VA 10/15/11
Ms. Shirley Blankenship VA 10/15/11
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph & Janice Zyglocke VA 10/15/11
Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Hammock VA 10/17/11
Hugh A. Childers VA 10/17/11
Mr. and Mrs. RS & Betty Barnes VA 10/19/11
Ms. Mabel Clary VA 10/19/11
Ms. Louise Edmonds MA 10/20/11
Mr. Carlton Davis & Senior Putters VA 10/21/11
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Oddy Canada 10/21/11
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bays VA 10/25/11
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Nunnally TN 10/25/11
Mr. and Mrs. Shelton L. Smith VA 10/30/11
Ms. Ethel Johnson VA 11/1/11
Mr. and Mrs. Larry & Carolyn Hellman VA 11/9/11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conner VA 11/12/11
Ms. Andrea Mitman VA 12/5/11
Mr. and Mrs. Sam & Carolyn Counts VA 12/12/11
Mr. and Mrs. William & Beverly Winn VA 12/12/11

(To contribute, please see our donations page here with levels described. In Memory Of: (your dad, mom, or best friend…I think of you often…and why if you wish. As many as 200 words, but special permission can be given for a longer story)

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Virginia Easy Access is the name of a website developed for seniors, adults with disabilities, their caregivers and the providers that support them. Virginia Easy Access is full of helpful information about services and supports that are available across the Commonwealth.

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