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A Dedication to Resourceful Living: A group approach to focus on what matters to the members of our community whose lives are impacted by chronic lung disease.

Breath Matters Virginia Lung Support Group

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Donors and Memorials


(To contribute, please see our donations page here with levels described. In Memory Of: (your dad, mom, or best friend…I think of you often…and why if you wish. As many as 200 words, but special permission can be given for a longer story)

Donor State Date of Contribution
Thoracis Titans [$5000]
"Fearlessly leading the group to new plateaus"
  Franklin Foundation GA 04/11/2013
Mr. and Mrs.Glover, JasonNC10.23.14
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Glover NY 3/19/12
Estate of Carrie P. ArnoldNC10.23.14
Estate of David SandersVA10.23.14
John and Mary Franklin TrustGA10.23.14
COPD [$2501 - $4999]
"Ladies and Gentlemen presenting the Certified OBSESSED Persistent Defender of ALL lung diseases"
Pulmonary Pugilist [$1000-$2500]
"Pulmonary Pugilist, fights for better breathing"
Dorsey, CynthiaVA10.23.14
Coffman, NellVA10.23.14
Summers, MarlinCA10.23.14
  The Sexauer Foundation FL 02/14/2013
Jason GloverNC04/20/2013
Marion & Gail GloverGA11/08/2013
Mr. David Sanders VA 9.10.12
Mr. and Mrs. Marion & Gail Glover GA 11.30.11
Mr. Marlin Summers CA 1.31.13
Bronco Busters [$250 - $999]
"Bronco Busters clears the airways so others will follow"
Adams, MaryVA10.23.15
Bane, DonaldVA10.23.16
Bays, WilliamVA10.23.14
Hammock, TrulyVA10.23.14
Mitman, AndreaVA10.23.14
Marion CainVA10.23.14
Ms. Andrea Mitman VA 12/5/11
Dr. Leonard Moses VA 11/22/11
Ms. Delores Rosemond VA 11/4/11
James Walsh/Grayson Braun CT 12/5/11
Scott Stevens NY 9/6/11
Paul FairmanVA04/16/2012
Industrious Pulmonary Friend/Fighter [ $51-$249]
"IPF (Industrious Pulmonary Friend/Fighter) works long hours and hard for Breath Matters"
Fogelberg, PaulMN10.23.14
Forsythe, PhyllisVA10.23.14
Landrigan, CarolineVA10.23.14
Larkin, RebeccaVA10.23.14
Pinson, JanetVA10.23.14
Plantz, John and BrendaVA10.23.14
Rosemond, DeloresVA10.23.14
Winn, BeverlyVA10.23.14
M. C. LaymanVA10.23.14
Ed RheaVA10.23.14

Anthony "Butch" Huff


Some words of remembrance from a few people that loved him very much...

"I admired Butch as an authentic person. I never felt like I was getting anything but his honest feelings. He made me laugh, he made me angry on occasion, but it was impossible not to like him. Butch never tried to be anything other than Butch.

One fond memory I have is when he asked for my help with a Christmas gift for my mom. He wanted to give her a laptop for work. Not knowing much about computers he wanted some help in selecting the right model so he gave me a ring. I think it was the only phone call I ever received from him and it meant a lot to me that he asked for my help with a special gift for my mother.

I would have liked Butch no matter how I met him. But because he made my mom happy it made me like him even more. I appreciate the friends and family he introduced to us and all of the fun times we shared together. I miss him deeply."

-Jeff Garnett

"The service for Butch spoke volumes about the amazing life he led and the wonderful friends and family he was surrounded by. The room was literally overflowing with love and support for Butch. I loved hearing all the wonderful stories and "Butchisms" and it made me wish I had known him even better. Butch was a true character. A visit with Butch always made me feel welcomed and I always left feeling more energized. I loved his adventurous spirit and I respected his passion for what he believed in. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have gotten to know Butch and I am grateful to him for bringing so much love and happiness to my mom and in turn my family. Butch was always generous with his time and there to lend a helping hand to my family. He helped my husband in building his restaurant and even when Butch wasn't feeling well that Spring he had wanted to try to help us out when we decided to put an addition on our home a few months before our son Owen was born. I loved watching Butch with Owen and am so sorry that Owen won't get to know Butch as he grows up.

Thank you so much Butch for all the happy memories and all the love and joy you gave my mom and family. We all loved you so much and you are so missed."

-Aimee Munford

"Butch had the type of authenticity that anyone could admire, even more so if you were a fisherman, outdoorsmen, or enjoyed the satisfaction of building or fixing something with your own two hands. I think any child more than just about anything, wants their parents to be happy, safe, and healthy. Butch was so much more than simply my mom's boyfriend, but rather an ever constant dynamic in her life and ours. From joining my mom on a long held dream of climbing Old Rag, to trips to the 'River' on weekends, or simply spending quiet Sunday mornings cooking up a hearty breakfast, Butch brought levels of comfort, joy, and love to everything he was a part of. I am forever grateful for the joy and excitement in her voice and eyes every time I saw or spoke with her that the latest trip to the river, OBX, camping experience, or adventure that the two were either planning or going on, would inspire in her. I'll forever remember the shared holidays, good and bad moments in all, that my family shared with Butch and the joy he brought my daughter Zoe during the endless hours he would spend building trains and allowing her to boss him around. He always seemed to have the innate ability to just go with the flow, never exposing a high maintenance bone in his body. I'll forever appreciate the conversations over Eagle Rare and the counsel he gave me during many challenging points in my life, his authentic perspective always a welcome and calming relief. Butch was as American and Southern as BBQ, bourbon, and fireworks on the 4th of July and I am forever thankful to have known him and for the happiness he brought to all of our lives."

-Rob Garnett

VA 01/22/2014
Betty WilliamsVA03/07/2013
Carolyn HenneFL02/14/2013
Conley EdwardsVA03/10/2013
Constantina SarrisNY01/23/2013
Elizabeth StevensVA09/16/2013
Jean GutkinFL01/24/2013
John & Ann TattonTX01/16/2013
John & Mary PellockVA04/01/2013
John & Ursula MurphyNY02/13/2013
Lucy KeeseeVA06/10/2013
M C LaymanVA01/12/2013
M J LightVA10/14/2013
Maireen MahoneyNJ01/21/2013
Nelson LankfordVA01/27/2013
Richard & Grace RowlandFL02/10/2013
Rita DillonNY02/27/2013
Sharon PepleVA02/01/2013
Thomas & Laura McBrideTX02/05/2013
William & Beverly WinnVA12/09/2013
Basil & Eileen IwashynaVA02/27/2012
Conley EdwardsVA03/13/2012
Delores RosemondVA05/23/2012
John & Mary PellockVA02/16/2012
Jane GriffithVA06/11/2012
Martin & Patricia GilesVA01/03/2012

Alveoli [<= $50]
"Alveoli are the smallest contributors, but the most important! Like small amounts of O2 and with many contributions, it puts the wind in our sails!"

Bane, EricVA10.23.14
Barnes, EdgarNC10.23.14
Bellamy-Arvin, YvonneVA10.23.14
Cameron, KarenVA10.23.14
Conner, GeorgeVA10.23.14
Counts, SamuelVA10.23.14
Crisp, StevenVA10.23.14
Dise, DavidVA10.23.14
Eason, JuanitaVA10.23.14
Farrell, MaryVA10.23.14
Glover, DianeVA10.23.14
Glover, GeorgeVA10.23.14
Glover, RussellVA10.23.14
Hanzlik, CatherineVA10.23.14
Holzweiss, MargaretVA10.23.14
Julian, CarolVA10.23.14
Louth, JoanVA10.23.14
Mooney, MicheleVA10.23.14
Morgan, LewisVA10.23.14
Morgan, MaryVA10.23.14
Nethersole, ReingardVA10.23.14
Perkins, EricVA10.23.14
Pinckard, SusanVA10.23.14
Richie, MarionVA10.23.14
Schaffner, LisaVA10.23.14
Scott, MelvinVA10.23.14
Sneed, BernadetteVA10.23.14
Weems, ErikVA10.23.14
Mr. and Mrs. Reed RollinsFL10.23.14
Martha JonesVA10.23.14
Ann PaceVA10.23.14
Martha ElliottVA10.23.14
Kathy WrightVA10.23.14
Glover, Marion & GailGA10.23.14
In Memory of Joe Hardy
Mr. M. C. LaymanVA12.31.14
Mrs. J. Patrick Keith VA 12.31.14
Mrs. Ann EliasekVA12.31.14
Mrs. Julie MooreVA12.31.14
Mrs. Sybel CroweVA12.31.14
In Memory of Bertha Mae Epps
Mr. & Mrs. Randy CrumpVA12.26.14
Eric & Shelly BrownVA 12.26.14
Mr. & Mrs. David EppsVA12.26.14
Eric & Shelly BrownVA 12.26.14
Pearl BallVA12.26.14
Jewell & LorreneVA12.26.14
Ms. Alice FitzwaterVA12.26.14
Ms. Cassie NicholsVA12.26.14
Ms. Kylie GiancottiVA12.26.14
Julie BabcockVA12.26.14
In Memory of Millard Godfrey
MS. Martha W. MattisonVA9.30.14
Ms. Eloise B. PriceVA10.3.14
Ms. Phyllis G. WrightVA10.20.14
Mr. and Mrs. David A. GodfreySC10.13.14
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. WrightNC10.23.14
In Memory of David Sanders
Mary AdamsVA03/11/2013
Donald Saunders   03/25/2013
Delores RosemondVA04/16/2013
Donald & Judy BaneVA01/17/2013
In Memory of Catherine A Hanzlik
Laura SmithVA12/02/2013
In Memory of Butch Huff
Donald & Judy BaneVA01/17/2013
Carolyn Henne FL 4.8.13
In Memory of Hampton Raznick
Marvin & Lettie DozierVA09/09/2013
Ralph & Reda KittleOH09/03/2013
Sue AldridgeVA09/11/2013
Yvonne Rasnick09/05/2013
In Memory of Everett Edward Pitt

Everett Edward Pitt

Donald & Judy BaneVA01/17/2013
Rose Mary Pitt MD1.9.13
Mr. and Mrs. Jim LeydaVA12.20.12
In Memory of Wayne “Pookie” Dise aka “The DukeMan”

Pookie Dise

"Pookie" Dise Obit page

Bonnie Montgomery MD9.12.12
Mr. and Mrs. Erick Oliver VA9.12.12
The Wolfe Family VA9.12.12
Mr. and Mrs. Gilber Roberts VA9.12.12
Mr. & Mrs. Dexter Rains VA9.12.12
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. NanceVA9.12.12
John Janes VA9.12.12
Mr. and Mrs Marshall LivesayVA9.12.12
Mr. W. Scott JohnsonVA9.12.12
Mr. Nick Roupas VA9.12.12
Virginia Oral and Facial SurgeryVA9.12.12
Mr. and Mrs. DvorakVA9.12.12
Mr. Charles O. MillerVA9.12.12
Mr. and Mrs. John ColeVA9.12.12
Mrs. William F WinnVA9.12.12
Mr. Leonard “Winkie” LeslieVA9.13.12
Ms. Christine W. JohnsonVA9.13.12
Mr. and Mrs. David RobertsVA9.13.12
Drs. Richardson, Overstreet & StaffVA9.13.12
Mr. Thomas G. EliasVA9.13.12
Gregg and Bailey, PCVA9.13.12
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. CollinsVA9.14.12
Mr. Bruce TitteringtonVA9.14.12
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. HoltVA9.14.12
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene A. PetrasyVA9.15.12
Mr. and Mrs. D. Paul KarnesVA9.15.12
Mr. and Mrs. Dick HumphreyVA9.28.12
Mr. Leonard “Winkie” Leslie and Ms. Christine W. JohnsonVA9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. David RobertsVA9.28.12
Drs. Richardson, Overstreet & StaffVA9.28.12
Mr. Thomas G. EliasVA9.28.12
Gregg and Bailey, PC, MidlothianVA9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. CollinsVA9.28.12
Mr. Bruce TitteringtonVA9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. HoltVA9.28.12
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene A. PetrasyVA9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. D. Paul KarnesVA9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. MorrisVA9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. BrewerVA9.28.12
Ms. Carolyn H. Leake, Manakin SabotVA9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. ShiroVA9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. Alton L. HardeeVA9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Ellis and FamilyVA9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. Miles KingFL9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Peple, Jr.VA9.28.12
Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick KeithVA9.28.12
Sonny TisdaleVA10.28.12
IN MEMORY OF Florence Vicari
Joy VicariVA10.28.12
IN MEMORY OF Clarence W. Sprenkle
Mr. & Mrs. Taylor SprenkleVA9.18.12
Mr. & Mrs. Terry PhelpsVA9.19.12
Dr. Brandy PhelpsVA9.19.12
Ms. Courtney BarrettVA9.19.12
IN MEMORY OF Pat Patterson
David & Marjorie LearyVA 5.25.12
Donald & Judy BaneVA 5.27.12
Alma ClaryVA 5.29.12
James & Beverely HillVA 6.11.12
The PattersonsVA9.10.12
Mrs. Beverly WinnVA9.10.12
Mr. David SandersVA9.10.12
Women of the MOOSE, Manchester ChapterVA9.10.12
Ms. Joyce M. KelchnerVA9.10.12
Over 50 Club Manchester MooseVA9.10.12
Julie Smith  1.30.12
In Memory of John Haines Proper
Alene KinnearPA04/06/2012
Elizabeth & Timothy TaylorSC04/07/2012
George & Miriam HuttoSC04/16/2012
Harry & Sheila JonesVA04/12/2012
John & Julie McMakinSC04/16/2012
Joyce OatsSC04/16/2012
Lucille EdwardsVA04/07/2012
Madge PattersonSC04/12/2012
Richard & Beverly DaileyVA04/05/2012
James & Terri DaileyIL04/21/2012
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph VivianPA 5.21.12
In Memory of Mrs. Lois Faulhaber
Mr. and Mrs. Duane & Mary Thompson CA 11/24/11
In Memory of Joy Ennis

Joy Ennis Memorial Richmond Virginia

Linda MartinVA06/10/2012
In Memory of Everett Pitt
Donald & Judy BaneVA01/17/2013
Rose PittNY03/14/2012
In Memory of Nicky Arvin
Ms. Yvonne Bellamy-Arvin VA 12/21/11
Matching Gift Companies
The Bank of America Foundation 11/16/11
The Northern Trust Company Illinois 11/30/11
Refreshments Provided
Clinical Research Partners 1.9.15
Lincare 12.15.11
Louisa Home Health Care 11.15.11
Roberts Home Medical 1.15.12
Richmond Respiratory and Medical Supply
Home Health
The Sexauer Foundation FL 02/14/2013
John and Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc. GA 04/11/2013
Gifts In Kind
HCA Hospital, Chippenham Campus
Mary Lee GarrettFL02/29/2012
Bank of America Matching GiftsNC05/15/2012
West Home Health Care Inc.VA04/06/2012
Eric Perkins, Attorney at LawVA03/15/2012
InterMune, Inc. INTERMUNE CA06/01/2012
BNY Mellon02/14/2012
Kim MerrelsNC01/03/2012
InterMune, Inc.CA06/01/2012
Erik Weems 12.31.11

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